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The Humble Pies
at Shoppes on Main

November 1-8
Check back as I add more pies and surprise!

~Fruit Pies~
$30-10" Pies (serves eight)
$12.50-6" Pies (serves two-four)

Pineapple Upside Down Pie

Apple Crumb

~Custard Pies~
$35-10"Pies (serves eight)


~Cream Pies~
$35-10"Pies (serves eight)
Chocolate Cream
Coconut Cream
Lemon Meringue

~Savory Pies~
$35-10"Pies (serves eight)
Chicken Pot Pie

Beef Burgundy Pot Pie


The Humble Chicken Pot Pie has the best of both worlds: a flakey, buttery crust and a creamy chicken and vegetable filling!  This savory pie is seasoned with thyme, parsley, and dill. 

The Humble Beef Burgundy Pot Pie flavor is kindred to a traditional French Boeuf Bourguignon with an aroma that will give you that cozy feeling on a brisk night.  This chuck beef is slow roasted in deep red wine and seasoned with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  

This is a classic, old fashioned pie that's perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas; however, people love this salted, butter, caramel, nutty bliss year-around!  You'll taste a hint of maple and rum, giving it a special southern flair.  

Your favorite fall spice combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove with roasted pumpkin purée.  This impressive non-dairy option is made with full fat coconut milk.  

Tart cherries from Michigan, flavored with pure almond extract for big flavor burst!

A combination cinnamon, spice, and everything nice!  It's a sweet-tart  experience in every bite!  

Fitting for every season! Fresh crushed pineapple with cherries topped with a cinnamon streusel  crumb top!

Always a beautiful pie to share.....or keep for yourself!  Sometimes the crazy combinations are the best!

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